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Welcome to Bull Street Trading Academy where aspiring traders arrive for the best trading knowledge and practical experience they need to start their career as a professional stock market traders.

7 Reasons to Choose Our Trading Programs

Like other traditional coaching institutes elsewhere, we don’t go for lengthy and theoretical classes. These courses would target the set of skills which requires becoming a trader.

More live market sessions to boost your trading confidence and make smarter trading decisions.

We have put our best foot forward and managed to bring the cost of these courses to the minimum.

Online courses can be one way to save both time and money. These programs often cost less than usual courses. Anyone can join these programs regardless of location in India. Only Laptop and good internet speed will be required.

Get access to our customized trading floor and trade with Academy’s funds up to 10 lacs.

Once you’ve completed our trading programs, you will receive a completion certificate as a sign of your achievements.

Academy meetups will provide alumni with an opportunity to share their trading experience and discuss knowledge to grow in the trading field.

About The Academy

BullStreet Trading Academy

We offer up-to date stock market courses which are conducted in professional, simple and easy way possible.
Our aim is to provide quality stock market education at the lowest price possible.
We believe that, in order to make consistent profits in the stock market, trader requires the proper set of skills and positive trading habits instead of luck.
Our designed modules focus more on live practical sessions than the theoretical part.

We have also added an extra session dedicated to Psychology & Risk Management to help in developing a confident trading mindset.

Learn to trade

Invite A Friend, Get ₹1000 Off

Under our academy promotional offer, if you refer any of our courses to your friends/ relatives who are also interested in stock market education then you will get straight ₹ 1000/- (per student) discount* straight on your trading program price.

(*Terms and conditions apply)

Alumni Bullstreet Academy

Bull street Trading Academy will be hosting Academy Alumni meetups 3 times in a year.

Another purpose of these meetups is to bring together and introduce academy alumni to one another, share trading experiences, discuss trading strategies, investment tips, share job vacancies, forge professional connections, in fact, anything that is related to stock market.


We are looking for professional mentors who can work towards improving trading skills for our students.

Why join Bull Street Trading Academy as a mentor?

Our Culture

We are relentless, innovative, and creative in how we educate and serve our students.

Training and development

As an education company, we believe that first class education starts with our mentors.

If you are passionate about the stock market and also looking for a teaching career in this field then this may be the place you will thrive. Drop in your latest resume here: [email protected]

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