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 Welcome to BullStreet Trading Academy where aspiring traders arrive for the best trading knowledge and practical experience they need to start their career as a professional stock market traders.

7 Reasons to Choose Our Trading Programs

Our trading modules are exclusively designed for aspiring traders. We are more focused on practical sessions from day 1.

As an academy member, you will be able to watch in real time as our trading coach makes varieties of profitable trades throughout the day. With LIVE streaming access, you will be able to see their trading setups and exactly how they execute trades.

The true LIVE trading action happens every day in our chat room which is reserved exclusively for academy’s members only. Throughout the trading day, our trading coach will be available to personally answer questions you may have about the market, as well as trading strategy and execution!

As soon as you join, you’ll see how we’ve built a thriving, close-knit community of traders on all levels. This is where we support each other on our quest to multiply the growth of our personal wealth.

As an academy member, you’ll receive special BUY / SELL alerts delivered to our Telegram Channel with key information on the exact stocks our trading coach is trading. This way, you won’t miss out on another profitable trading opportunity.

This kind of up-to-the-minute information allows you to be tuned into the market, while having the freedom to enjoy life without being glued to a computer screen all day.

We organise weekly webinars which will definitely a True game-changer when it comes to accelerating your trading profits and wealth accumulation. Key topics includes: Charting, Technical Analysis, Stocks Selection, Risk- Reward Ratio and many more.

Our Trading Sessions/ Webinars usually have small group of students to maintain first class teaching and learning standards.

Academy’s Trading Coach is “on the mic” every day for an hour or more to answer your questions, share market insights, look over charts, and explain position updates.This kind of real-time access lets you tap into the mind-set of your trading coach who believes in full transparency.

As an educational trading company, we hide nothing from our students. Unlike most so-called experts, our trading coach puts their own money into each and every trade.

About The Academy

BullStreet Trading Academy™ is run by a team of professional traders with decade of trading knowledge and experience which will help you to take your trading skills to the next level.

Our  TRAINING Module is not only going to teach you how to make a tremendous income with straight forward strategies for day trading as well as swing trading but will also teach you the benefits of finding purpose in this career.

From being able to finally live on your own terms, never have to answer to a boss again, and Truly live a life of FREEDOM! 
Academy’s trading system is based on a learning curve and promises to share little known trading strategies and tricks that can transform life of aspiring traders.

Academy’s Trading Coach regularly uploads their trading videos/posts on social media platforms like YouTube/ Instagram/Telegram and also transparently shares their actual profit & loss details.

There is no barrier to entry in this industry! Got Wi-Fi? Then you can do this too!

Learn to trade

Want to learn to trade stocks?

We’ve helped thousands of traders achieve their trading goals. If you have a passion for trading, we’ll provide the tools, instruction and one-on-one guidance you need to become a winning trader.  Our educational programs and trading services are not only affordable but also covers a wide array of trading styles and smart tricks.  Likewise, there is no up-sells and so you get to learn trading in an environment free from any kind of marketing gimmicks.


Are you passionate about trading?

We have created many successful traders through our process and we all work together as a team to make profits on a daily basis. We are very proud of the kind of people we’ve attracted to our community – Good hard working people who are dedicated and motivated to improving their trading, and helping others to succeed.

Why Learn from us?

Here at BullStreet Trading Academy, we pride ourselves on our simplistic, fluid and enhanced approach to trade the Indian Stock Exchange. Our style of trading is unique and differs vastly in comparison to other trading education providers as we mainly focus on the intrinsic nature of the market which has a very specific structure as well as set of principles which can be understood, forecasted and capitalised on with the right set of skills, patience and guidance.


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